James Bay: The fellow behind the fedora

James Bay: The fellow behind the fedora

When the name James Bay is ever mentioned, the first thing that springs to mind is his famous fedora. But underneath that hat and mass of hair is an incredible singer-songwriter who is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

After starting the year winning the 2015 Brit’s Critics Choice Award and becoming runner up in the BBC Sound of 2015 poll, the 24 year old singer has gone on to achieve a number one, gold selling debut album in the UK. With a sold out 15 night UK tour in the pipeline, James Bay has certainly got a promising year ahead of him.

Bay’s first UK single ‘Let It Go’ instantly sucks you into a hypnotic state of mind, with his pure vocals flowing over the gorgeous guitar riff. The emotion portrayed through his lyrics is not a simple task, but he sure has perfected it down to a fine art. The follow up to his first single is an ingenious mix of harmonies, heartfelt truth and the James Bay vibe that we know and love. ‘Hold Back the River’ builds up to a steady drum beat, creating a faster pace, up-tempo sing-a-long tune that you just cannot dislike.

It is fair to say that James Bay is an extremely talented man with a huge future ahead of him. Once you delve below the impressive facts and figures that Bay has accumulated this year alone, there is a young musician with a raw passion for music, who is lucky enough to be able to share his talent with the world. And we are the lucky ones who get to experience his great gift.

Let It Go


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