Festival Check List

Festival Check List

So with Glastonbury finally in touching distance, it seems only right to make sure you have everything packed and ready for the biggest weekend in the musical calendar. Think back to the days when you were getting ready for a brownie or scout camp; you’re essentially packing the same things, only this time you may need some dry shampoo, UV paint and, it goes without saying, a wheelbarrow full of alcohol. If you stick to these festival essentials then you’ll be the most prepared camper Glastonbury has ever seen (and yes, that’s a promise.)

Toilet roll: this is a must. No ifs. No buts. If you forget this essential then you are in deep shit. Literally. (please forgive me.) On a serious note, toilet roll quickly runs out in the portaloos, and unless you’ve forked out for a luxury wristband that gets you into the ‘posh loos’ (then A. I’m very jealous but B. get a grip – this is a festival) then you will be needing bucket loads of toilet roll.

Copy of IMG_1813

Paracetamol: if, like your fellow campers at this years festival, you’ve had a heavy night and wake up feeling slightly worse for wear, you are sure to feel lost without a packet of paracetamol to hand. There’s nothing worse than having a banging headache whilst knowing you’ve got a long day ahead of you, full of bands that you’ve paid hundreds of pounds to see. Do the sensible thing and pack the paracetamol – you’ll thank us later.

Wellies: forget your Vans, forget your Nike Air Max and certainly forget your brand new white Converse, because wellies are a must when it comes to festivals. They are practical pieces of plastic that are sure to be your best friend by the end of the weekend. Mud is almost a given when it comes to Glastonbury, so you’d be a fool not to take them.

Dry shampoo: if you haven’t been to a festival before, firstly, what have you been doing all your life? But most importantly, there is some news that needs to be broken to you, quickly. Yes there may be showers, but no you do not or will not use them. It’s just a festival fact; they may be there but does anyone ever use them? No. That is why dry shampoo is a must. By the end of the week, you’ll be looking and smelling as fresh as a daisy and everyone will be jealous of your radiant locks.

Phone: so there will always be the debate as to whether to take your lovely new iPhone with you, or to rummage around for your ancient (but very handy) Nokia. Personally, I would take the Nokia because items can be so easily lost at a festival and you really have no chance of ever finding them again. Although you may want to Instagram pictures from the festival until your fingers fall off, sort out your priorities; is it really worth it for the sake of a couple of likes?

So there you have our top five festival essentials. If you remember those then you’ll already be one step ahead of everyone else. Have fun, stay safe and remember that you’re there for the music (so some people say.)


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