Top 5 Tunes | 08/07/15

Top 5 Tunes | 08/07/15

Summer is now upon us and whilst the weather gets (slightly) better and the BBQs are (finally) unearthed, the summer anthems are once again out in force. Let’s however take a step back and look at what other songs are sizzling right now.

5. Mary Lambert – She Keeps Me Warm

You may be sat there thinking ‘I recognise the name Mary Lambert’, but have no idea where from. Well, you will probably recognise her from when she featured on the huge hit ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis back in 2012. After the huge success that the song brought, Mary has done an Emeli Sande (remember Read All About It Pt. III) and has revamped the song to create her own power ballad. Keeping the chorus and writing her own verses, Mary has created a hugely emotional song that you can’t help but fall in love with. With passion and humour sprinkled throughout, this song has the perfect ingredients for a top-selling single.

4. Kelly Clarkson – Invincible 

Let’s start by thinking about this; when has Kelly Clarkson ever released a bad song? Erm… never? She is a fantastic artist who produces hit after hit and this song is certainly no exception. ‘Invincible’, penned by Australian singer Sia, tells of female empowerment and needing not to shy away from your dreams. The lyrics are honest and heartfelt and her vocals are a perfect match to these. Well done Kelly for smashing it once again.

3. Nathan Sykes – Kiss Me Quick 

Nearly 18 months on since the split of The Wanted, the youngest member of the group Nathan Sykes has released his first single and boy do we love it. With a Justin Timberlake feel to the song, Kiss Me Quick is a cheeky up-tempo tune that is perfect as his first single from his upcoming album (set to be released in the Autumn). The stripped back sections in the song show Sykes’ falsetto off at its best, and it’s hard to not be weak at the knees when he couples this along with some sassy clicks. Nathan, you’ve done us proud.

2. Hozier – Jackie and Wilson

If you haven’t purchased Hozier’s debut self titled album, then I suggest you do so right this minute. Not only does it feature his chart topping hits ‘Take Me To Church’ and ‘Someone New’, it is a musical masterpiece that is overflowing with well-written songs left, right and centre. Jackie and Wilson is the third song on the album and is a definite favourite. With a classic blues feel given by the underlying guitar riff and his raspy vocals, Hozier manages to balance a fantastic performance on the guitar with his outstanding voice, whilst keeping his flawless hair in tact. Who knows how he does it, but let’s just be grateful that he does (and that he does it so well.)

1. Aston Merrygold – Get Stupid

Taking first prize in this weeks Top 5 Tunes is none other than JLS star Aston Merrygold, with his first official single Get Stupid.  After splitting in December 2013, the JLS members embarked on their own projects and it has now become clear what Aston had been getting up to during that time. Set to release at the end of this month, Get Stupid is a seriously catchy song that you just want to dance along to. That, coincidentally, is exactly what Aston does in the music video for this song. You could even be mistaken for thinking that he’s a member of dance group Diversity, with the killer moves that he pulls out. Hats off to Aston for his first single – you’ve done the JLS fans proud.


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