Scouting For Girls: 11/12/15, Leeds | Review

Scouting For Girls: 11/12/15, Leeds | Review

Scouting For Girls entertained the largely teen-filled crowd last night with classic hits from their 10-year, pop-tastic career.

Opening with the theme tune to Star Wars, the stage was set and ready for a night full of classic hits and laughter from all. Referring to the audience as the “fifth member of the band”, frontman Roy Stride made it clear that the 90-minute show was all about having a good time and dancing until your feet hurt.

The night felt like a trip down memory lane, with old classics from the band’s heyday such as Heartbeat, This Ain’t A Love Song and I Wish I Was James Bond pleasing their adoring fans. It was clear that the audience worshipped the band, as their fans answered every request from jumping up and down, to hugging the person they brought with them and telling them they loved them. Scouting For Girls clearly care about their fan base and know that they wouldn’t still be around now if it wasn’t for their support over the last 8 years.

With a newly released fourth album, the band had to throw in some new songs to promote it, with Bad Superman and Home being particular favourites from the crowd. These new songs received as great a response as their major hits did, proving that Scouting For Girls are as popular with their fans as they ever have been.


The band know exactly how to get the crowd fully involved, with regular segments allowing the audience to sing unaccompanied (although it usually needed no prompting from the band). Frontman Roy brought on a selfie stick during their hit song Famous, resulting in screams whenever the phone appeared to be filming them. It’s obvious that these guys know exactly how to manipulate the crowd – it’s no surprise when they’ve had nearly a decade of experience under their belts.

Elvis Ain’t Dead, a popular song from their first album, went down a storm, particularly when Roy ran off stage and appeared up in the balcony seconds later. He ran up and down the aisles, high fiving people as he went along, so energetically that he nearly fell over at one stage!

Scouting For Girls easily have enough hits to fill a headline tour, but that didn’t stop them from including a cover, in the form of Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi. Although the audience was predominantly filled with teenagers, the crowd sang the 80s hit word for word, with a rapturous response when the chorus kicked in.

Before the inevitable encore, the band thanked the audience for all of the support they have received over the past years. They finished with new song Home before running off stage for a quick change, when they then appeared less than 60 seconds later all dressed in Christmas jumpers. Drummer, Pete Ellard, arrived on stage wearing a full head-to-toe turkey costume, all set to perform their newest Christmas song, Christmas In The Air (Tonight).

A Scouting For Girls show would not be complete without a finale of their classic hit She’s So Lovely, which sent the crowd into a frenzy. Every word of the song was shouted back at the band and was greeted by huge smiles from all band members. As the show ended, the band stood centre stage to bow and thank the fans for another fabulous night of the tour, leaving them with the words, “see you this time next year Leeds.”



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