VITAMIN | Interview

VITAMIN | Interview

If you’re a local in the Leeds area you’ve probably either been to see local band VITAMIN or seen a tonne of posters promoting their many gigs in the city. The group, who met at school, have had a successful career so far, receiving praise from BBC Introducing and being played on Radio 1 numerous times. We caught up with lead singer Jared to talk about their return to the festival and their upcoming debut album.

 Q: You performed at Live At Leeds last year – which venue did you play at and what was the atmosphere like on the day?

A: We loved Live at Leeds last year! We played the Stylus and in all honesty I had my hesitations. We’d never played a venue that size off our own back, so to walk onto that stage with a room full of people looking back at you was a real sense of satisfaction.

 Q: Do you think it’s important that the Live At Leeds line up consists of mainly up and coming bands and artists rather than lots of big name acts?

A: Live At Leeds is as much about the youth and the new bands as it is the headliners – it’s a strong blueprint. The bigger acts create platforms for the smaller acts to showcase themselves and the smaller acts give the festival diversity and intrigue. It’s festivals like Live at Leeds that give people a chance to discover new bands like us. It’s essential!

Q: What is your favourite venue in Leeds and what memories do you have of there?

A: The Brudenell Social Club is a favourite. Our very first headline show was there, as well as the first ‘Brothers and Sisters’ nights. My fondest memory would probably be our final residency show as part of ‘Brothers and Sisters’ – we upgraded the venue last minute and it went off! I invited the whole crowd back to ours after – the whole thing was just one big party!

Q: Are there any venues in Leeds that you’ve watched your favourite bands at that you have now had the opportunity to play at yourselves?

A: We’ve covered pretty much every venue in Leeds now. I would love for us to headline a show a Millennium Square.

Q: You’ve previously supported Sundara Karma on tour, a band that are also on the line-up this year. Will you be going to watch their performance at the festival?

A: Yeah we’ll definitely try to catch them – we need to catch up with those guys!

Q: Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

A: I’ll probably go check out Girl Friend, Natalie McCool and Clean Cut Kid. I also really want to see Mystery Jets – I’ve never seen them before but I love their first record.

Q: As well as Live At Leeds, you are also playing other festivals such as Great Escape and Lost Village. How does performing to a festival compare to playing smaller live solo shows? Is there one that you prefer?

A: I love festivals – they just have a much wilder vibe! There is a level of spontaneity that you get from a festival that we totally buzz off.

Q: You’ve had two EPs out so far and are currently promoting your single ‘This Isn’t Love’. What do you have lined up next? Is there an album on the way?

Our second single ‘Waterfall’ has just dropped, everyone listen to it! The album is coming together piece by piece. We’ve essentially been working on on it since the beginning of the band so it’s coming closer everyday, but we want it to be perfect so we’re not rushing anything.

Q: Finally, what do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months?

Get our record finished, release the record and everything in between…

You can see VITAMIN at Live At Leeds on Saturday 30th April at the Brudenell Social Club from 9pm – 9:30pm. Tickets are still available from




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