Tom Grennan, 05/10/17, Manchester | Live Review

Tom Grennan, 05/10/17, Manchester | Live Review

“I promise on the record I have a good voice. Just not f***king tonight.”

Battling the one thing singers fear most on tour, the dreaded cold, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Tom Grennan shows no signs of taking things easy, as he performs a sold out show with as much commitment and enthusiasm as any other. If it weren’t for the apologies given left, right and centre for his lack of voice tonight, it would be hard to tell that this Bedford born singer was under the weather.

After a remix of the classic Coronation Street theme tune begins the show, Grennan opens with his latest single Royal Highness. Despite the cold, Grennan’s voice instantly hits you with its raspy tone. His rather sexy vocals draw the audience in and leaves a majority of the women melting inside (some are more open about their feelings, with one girl on the barrier shouting, “I’d be happy if you gave me your cold, Tom!”)


What is noticeable around the packed-out sweaty room is the number of people singing along word for word. With just a few EPs under his belt, and a handful of singles making their way onto the airways, it’s clear that the audience here tonight are made up of fans that have followed Grennan from the beginning of his journey to success. The aptly named track Old Song gets a huge response from the crowd as they sing along to a clear favourite oldie.

A highlight of the night comes in the form of a stripped back version of Grennan’s collaborative hit All Goes Wrong, originally released with drum and bass duo Chase & Status. The normally fast paced electronic song is so powerful played acoustically, with Grennan’s haunting vocals reverberating around the room, showing off what a true talent he really is.

After an energetic performance of his hit single Found What I’ve Been Looking For, Grennan closes with the beautiful Something in the Water. Despite being a slow song, a somewhat unusual choice to finish on, it ends the night beautifully, showing off once again what a remarkable voice this young man has.

Gigs like tonight are ones where you are reminded how amazing live music is and how special it is to have singers like Grennan sharing his talent with the world. It is something said far too often, but this man really IS one to watch. With impeccable vocals and a talent for writing killer catchy tunes, Grennan unquestionably has the recipe for success.

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4 thoughts on “Tom Grennan, 05/10/17, Manchester | Live Review

  1. I’ve got to say that I’m fairly impressed with your writing style as well as your music taste!
    I’d be happy to hear any suggestions you have on my own blog (apart from my inactivity lately) as well as getting some tips from you on better writing styles and improved representation.

    Honestly though, your blog is real impressive.

    I look forward to hearing from you,



    1. Hi Kristian – thanks for your lovely words!!

      I’ve had a read through of your blog – you’re doing some great work! An interesting mix of pieces too.

      If I could give you any advice, it would be to stay away from the first person. Although using ‘I’ in a blog is quite normal, if you want to make your writing more sophisticated and something which would stand better on a professional music website, keep away from the first person.

      The only other thing I’d say is to watch out for your use of commas and full stops. Just make sure you’re using the correct one at the correct time!

      Generally though, you’re doing some great stuff. Keep up the good work!


  2. Looking at your Halsey post…

    In the first line of the second paragraph, you use a comma after lyrics, when it should be a full stop as it’s the end of a sentence. The same after ‘Lana Del Rey gives off’ – it should be a full stop and not a comma. If you look, the only full stop you’ve used in that second paragraph is at the end. That means that you can read the whole paragraph out loud without needed to pause. If you try and read it out loud you’ll find it almost impossible to do so. That’s a clue that you need a full stop instead of a comma. So just keep an eye out for that as it will make your articles easier to comprehend and therefore much stronger.


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