Musicians promoting drug use – is it dope?

Musicians promoting drug use – is it dope?

Drugs have been a part of the music industry for as long as can be remembered. From rock stars coked up after-parties, to artists lighting up spliffs on stage, however much one may or may not like it, they have always been there. Drugs in the music industry is still as big a thing as it ever was, with many songs in the charts making reference to them and sometimes even glorifying the use of them. It has become such a common thing that people hardly notice when The Weeknd is proclaiming the effects of cocaine on I Can’t Feel My Face, or Rihanna is singing about dancing whilst on ecstasy on her track Diamonds.

There has to come the point though where you ask: where do you draw the line at musicians promoting and referencing drug use?

Of course it is common knowledge that a lot of musicians do, or once have dabbled with, some kind of drugs, but when is it taken too far that it is actually detrimental to an artist’s fan base?


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