Musicians promoting drug use – is it dope?

Musicians promoting drug use – is it dope?

Drugs have been a part of the music industry for as long as can be remembered. From rock stars coked up after-parties, to artists lighting up spliffs on stage, however much one may or may not like it, they have always been there. Drugs in the music industry is still as big a thing as it ever was, with many songs in the charts making reference to them and sometimes even glorifying the use of them. It has become such a common thing that people hardly notice when The Weeknd is proclaiming the effects of cocaine on I Can’t Feel My Face, or Rihanna is singing about dancing whilst on ecstasy on her track Diamonds.

There has to come the point though where you ask: where do you draw the line at musicians promoting and referencing drug use?

Of course it is common knowledge that a lot of musicians do, or once have dabbled with, some kind of drugs, but when is it taken too far that it is actually detrimental to an artist’s fan base?


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The Hunna | Interview

The Hunna | Interview


Having just finished touring the country on their sold out UK tour, newcomers on the indie rock scene, The Hunna, sat down with Georgia Arundell to discuss the challenges when starting out as a band, the highlights from their recent tour and their killer schedule for 2017.

You’ve just finished your sold out UK tour. What would you say was the highlight for you?

Jermaine [bassist]: Glasgow was pretty cool. We played to around 700 people. There were just so many pits every fucking song. They were going crazy. You could really see that the fans were connecting with the music, which is always good to see.

So was that the most memorable venue from the tour?

Jack [drummer]: I’d say the venue in a boat in Bristol.

Dan [lead guitarist]: Yeah The Thekla was pretty cool. The venue was on a boat. And we walked onto the stage to ‘I’m On A Mother F*cking Boat’ – it was dope.

As your album only came out a couple of months ago, this is the first time that you’ve toured and people have already heard your album. Was the reception different compared to previous tours because of that?

Jermaine: Yeah definitely. With the first show you could see a difference from that to the last tour. The fans are so much more into it and you can see it in their eyes. We thrive off the energy of the fans, so every show got crazier and crazier.

Dan: The Hunna Squad is growing, definitely. At every venue we turned up to our fans have been waiting, which never really happened before. There were a lot of queues, which is really special.
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