Tom Grennan, 05/10/17, Manchester | Live Review

Tom Grennan, 05/10/17, Manchester | Live Review

“I promise on the record I have a good voice. Just not f***king tonight.”

Battling the one thing singers fear most on tour, the dreaded cold, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Tom Grennan shows no signs of taking things easy, as he performs a sold out show with as much commitment and enthusiasm as any other. If it weren’t for the apologies given left, right and centre for his lack of voice tonight, it would be hard to tell that this Bedford born singer was under the weather.

After a remix of the classic Coronation Street theme tune begins the show, Grennan opens with his latest single Royal Highness. Despite the cold, Grennan’s voice instantly hits you with its raspy tone. His rather sexy vocals draw the audience in and leaves a majority of the women melting inside (some are more open about their feelings, with one girl on the barrier shouting, “I’d be happy if you gave me your cold, Tom!”)


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